Interesting Things to Do Near Bonchurch Village Isle of Wight

Tourists visiting the Isle of Wight may want to stop and check out Bonchurch Village while they’re there. There are a number of potentially interesting places to visit.

Visit St. Boniface Old Church

One of the main tourist attractions in Bonchurch village Isle of Wight is St. Boniface Old Church. This lovely 11th Century church has beautiful stained glass windows and a cemetery. Many people find it particularly peaceful, and those interested in history can learn more about the church by reading the historical information located inside the building.

Hike the Bonchurch Landslip

Those who want to do something a bit more active near Bonchurch can go to the landslip for a nice walk that takes about 45 minutes to complete. Just be aware that some parts of the hike are a little bit steep and strenuous with all the steps, such as the Devil’s Chimney. This walk is particularly recommended in the summer, as the trees provide a little shade from the sun. It isn’t good for those who have mobility problems. While you can walk this coastal path in the winter, it tends to be a lot muddier and slipperier.

Relax on the Beach

In nearby Ventnor, stop by Steephill Cove Beach. The views are lovely, although the water can be a bit wild. While you’re there, eat at one of the small cafes, take a walk and enjoy this relatively quiet beach.

Learn a Little Local History

Also in Ventnor, history buffs may want to check out the small Ventnor Heritage Museum, which chronicles the history of the town and how things have changed in the area over time.

Go Fish

People who enjoy fishing may want to check out OceaBlue Sea Charters, which offers fishing trips and sea safaris. Just be sure to check with them in advance to make sure there are enough people signed up, as they may not run the safari without at least six people on board.

Enjoy the Botanical Garden

Ventnor is also home to a 22-acre botanical garden, which has some really cool features, including an underground mushroom fruiting chamber and a secret garden tunnel. They have tropical plants and plants from all different zones, even including plants that bloom in various seasons so it can be nice to visit at any time of year. There’s also a cafe and gift shop.